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Sep 28

Winners of BEST PRODUCTION at Dublin Fringe Festival

by Shane

We are absolutely delighted to share that NOT AT HOME led by Grace Dyas (THEATREclub) and Emma Fraser (Nine Crows) won the award for Best Production at Dublin Fringe Festival. We’d like to thank everyone at Dublin Fringe Festival, the judging panel, and everyone else who supported this project. Most of all, we would like to thanks the women who trusted us with their stories, without them, NOT AT HOME would not have been possible.

You can still help

We want everyone in Ireland to hear the voices of those most affected by our abortion laws. We need your support.

As with NOT AT HOME’s first showing at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival, the piece will be accessible to those on all sides, those who are still undecided and those who currently feel unequipped to make an informed choice. This is not an attempt to preach to the converted, nor to shame anyone into taking a liberal position. In acknowledgement that the issue is complicated and complex, it is simply hoped that viewing this work will give every member of the Irish public, especially those in marginalised or remote communities, the opportunity to view women’s real, lived experiences in a quiet, reflective environment.

NOT AT HOME is the truth of a lived experience shared by thousands of Irish women and girls over decades. We believe that truth should be heard in every corner of Ireland. Before any vote is cast or any mind is made up, we believe this conversation has to happen. We believe she has a right to speak and we believe everyone has a right to listen.

To make this happen, we need you. Here is what you can do.

We need support, we need rooms, venues and public spaces all around Ireland, but most urgently, we need money. Staff, artists, performers, screens, projectors, pens and a paper and sweat and tears. It all costs money. So we ask a lot of favours, we work longer for less because this is so important to us, but we won’t ever cut corners while we have been trusted to tell these stories, so we need money.

Give what you can, give us a tenner, or a fiver, or five grand if you have it, but if you think everyone needs to hear what Irish women have gone through, are going through and will go through until something changes, give something.

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