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I’m Roger Casement Dance Film

As part of The Casement Project by Fearghus Ó Conchúir

Very excited to see that Coco Television (who put us on Telly with look-see RUN) and director Dearbhla Walsh have made a film of “I’m Roger Casement” as part of Fergus Ó Conchúir’s The Casement Project.

The film will be on RTE One at 23.10 tonight. Make sue you watch it or catch it on the player if that’s too late for you! Having seen the show in Project Arts Centre we can attest to its greatness.

Quarter Block Party

Presented by Makeshift Ensemble and Southern Hospitality Board

Cork is cool. Did you not know that? Yeah well it is.

Among the coolest is Quarter Block Party which is back in Feb 3-5 2017.
Expect a mish mash of contemporary music with performance, poetry and it’s packed with loads more. With events all across the city you can have a chance to take a punt on an an artist that’s new to you and more than likely a venue that might be new too.
Pic- Snake Talk (Courtesy of

The website is here and the info page is excellent with all the actual information you’re actually going to need. Simples.

Dublin Dance Festival

Check their hot new trailer 🔥🔥🔥

Dublin Dance Festival have announced their new programme and as per usual it’s seriously scintillating! There is lots of work from Ireland and around the world and  rake of premieres in there.

Click here to visit their site. Take a look at their trailer too while you’re at it.



by Maureen Penrose

We have been lucky enough to work with Maureen Penrose a few times. She works in Mountview Blakestown Community Drug Team in Dublin 15. For a short time we ran a drama programme for the clients and service users there.

Maureen also joined us on stage in Project Arts Centre for Addiction. A woman of great knowledge, warmth, compassion and strength she continues to be inspiring.

Will St. Leger’s piece on South King Street

Commissioned by GOAL

If you aren’t aware of Dublin Based Artist Will St Leger then you need to look him up immediately.

He’s been commissioned by GOAL to create a piece to mark that missiles are landing in civilian areas of Syria everyday. His piece is a startling installation on Dublin’s South King Street. Broken concrete and an unexploded missile.

The charity want to highlight the ongoing suffering of innocent civilians in Syria, as the latest round of peace talks on the Syria crisis begin in Geneva tomorrow.

GOAL CEO Barry Andrews will attend the event with GOAL Syrian staff member, Alia Alsoud. Alia left Syria at the start of the war but still has family living in the country. She also lost family members in the violence, while other have been trapped in sieges.

Great Art. Great cause. Click here to Donate.

Searches- #withsyria #nowyouknow

Photo courtesy of Will St Leger on Facebook

Sonic Whispers

Like Chinese Whispers with deadly tunes

Sonic Whispers is the brainchild of Natasha Duffy who runs the super amazing Spirit of Folk Festival in Dunderry Park every year.

Three different bands. Your ears. Your help and a bitching evening of tunes.

It’s Chinese Whispers with music acts. First act jams a bit of a tune. Second act arrive having heard nothing. The audience teach them. Then act 2 play the song. Act 3 arrives and it’s their turn. Then all three have a proper American teenagers in their Mom’s garage jam session together.

We had it as part of The Theatre Machine Turns You On in 2015 and it was just awesome. The audience were on their feet. Super chilled, uber cool and so much craic.

Acts are Bitch Falcon, Bunoscionn, Wounded Healer

Check out Sonic Whispers on Facebook and grab tickets for their next event in Whelan’s on Sunday 17th April.

Nialler9 has flagged it as a Highlight too! 

Clare Mulvany

We love Clare Mulvany

We first met Clare through Trailblaze back in 2011. At the end of last year, Clare worked with the company to facilitate a new organisational structure. We started out as 3 back in 2008, now we were becoming eight – how was it going to work? Clare designed and implemented a gentle programme of meetings and workshops where we got to grips with who we are now and who we want to be. She has just launched a new website where she has lots of resources to help harness the transformative power of the creative process and cultivate tools and practices for leading your one wild life. She does photography, yoga, and she’ll even do a zen hen party for you! Check out Clare’s island online here.


Sarah June Fox

Promise you she's amazing

We just had to do a ‘We Like’ post about Sarah June Fox.

Sarah is an amazing multidisciplinary designer, for print and web.  We have just started working with her on a number of things (We Need Men Call – Out for The Game – for example) and she is a dream to work with. She gets stuff done with artistry, skill and class. We can’t reccomend her enough. So if you’re a company presenting in a festival this September and you need a designer – you have our shout.

Check out Sarah here 

AREAMAN new short screening at the IFI

We really like AREAMAN.

We first met them in 2010, when they interviewed Grace at 9am in the morning for Pivot Dublin while we were making The Family at The Lab. Ever since then there has been a blossoming romance and well love in between them and us. They follow us around sometimes with cameras in the hopes of one day making a documentary about us. They also document our work and they made this beautiful trailer for HISTORY

They have a short film screening on Sat at the IFI and we defo think you should check it out. DEETS  & TRAILER HERE. 

Conor Madden’s new company – The Unlimited Dream Machine

We are very excited about this folks, our friend and yours Conor Madden (HEROIN Absolut Fringe 2010, TWENTY TEN) has started a new theatre company based in Ennis, ‘The Unlimited Dream Machine’ . Conor is one of the most exciting irish artists around in recent years and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves! Check out his beautiful website here 

Looking For Work- by Martin Sharry

We adored I Am Martin Sharry from the Western Theatre Maker Martin Sharry. We’re fans.

Looking For Work has one of the best photos ever but is also going to be a great show. Quirkey, off kilter, weird and very much wonderful. It stars our very own Barry O’ Connor with Niamh McCann and Dick Walsh. It’s on in Collaborations Festival in Smock Alley on Wednesday and Friday this week. You can find all the ticket info etc here at this sentence. (click on it)

One man has quit his job and has taken to drink. His wife is having an affair with their lodger.
The husband (helped by Youtube) has a revelation. Meanwhile, the couple are close to eloping…
Five years pass and the man and woman are back together, he has a successful new career. They
have a five year old son. Then a familiar face reappears, briefly and then leaves.

That’s the story.

It’s what we do with it that makes the play. What you get is what you see in this slightly tragic, slightly farcical drama.

Men in Motion- Irish Modern Dance Theatre

Love getting the chance to see John Scott’s Irish Modern Dance Theatre. Always enchanting and engaged with the world we live in and leave your head spinning. Very much looking forward to going to see Men In Motion in the Peacock. That sentence was a link and now, look at the video!


Sean Millar is one of the most talented people in Ireland. He’s a singer and songwriter but  whole lot more than that. We’ve just finished working with him on our latest show HISTORY 

Sean is also involved with The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope. We had an amazing night earlier this year watching him and a range of others performing in the superb Songs of Grievances and Hope. 

His latest album C48 was named best album of the year on RTÉ’s Arena and is available here. Click there and take a look at his site! 

This is what live art is

Joshua Sofaer gives a very nice helpful video. It’s only a few minutes but it’s really useful for people who ask the question “What is Live Art?”

FISHES by David Fennelly

is a brand new play by our old friend David Fennelly. He is one of the Dublin Youth Theatre Alumni. Le Cool Dublin called it “An Exceptional Piece Of Writing” and they’re not wrong. The show is coming up soon in Smock Alley Theatre

Set in a dingy flat in present-day Dublin, a smell of mouldy bread and crusty clothes wafts its way through the nose of poor Larry’s inner thoughts. Desperately passive, Larry unintentionally shines a scorching and painful spotlight on the modern-day ‘typical Irish Man’, this sorely resonates with our famous and historic Irish male psyche.  Today he sees his world collapsing around him through the fresh eyes of Eldridge, the first person to actually listen to him, and is faced with the reality that everything is not ‘grand’ and if he does want things to work out he needs to wake up and take life by the balls.

The artists involved need some help to make this happen. Have a click of this link. You get things in return! We will be donating and we can’t wait to see it!

Russell Brand

This is one of our favourite things for a long time. Can someone bring Russell Brand to come and see one of our shows because we really think he’d like them.


Keep an eye out for a PETTYCASH event. they are about the spoken word and live art and much more. You can seem

We were lucky enough to programme their first full length theatre piece entitled, Writer/Performer/Salesman as part of THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON: Vol 3. Their work is about youth and life and sex and mistakes and being fragile and being gay and being a person. Among a million other things.

Their nights are warm(hot), friendly, fun and often provocative.

You can catch them at Dublin Fringe Festival this September but details are under raps still.

(But we know that the show is called GRINDR / a love story)

Here’s a promo for their recent event SWEATBOX

Confusion Boats Amazingness!

One of the shows we are most looking forward to at Dublin Fringe Festival is Confusion Boats from Gerard Kelly who you will recognise from The Family and HEROIN.

There is not enough conversation today about masculinity and what’s going on in the heads of our men. This show is going to be an excellent addition to that conversation.

Gerard is unfunded but he’s having a party to get some cash to make it happen.

So come and listen to the musical soundings of Gerard Kelly and a few special guests in Toners Pub on Baggot street on Saturday 3rd August love, this will certainly be a great night of tunes.

Click this link to see the facebook event with all the info! We’ll be there and we can’t wait!

He will be hosting a raffle with prizes including:
*A hotel break away
*€50 Peter Mark voucher and €50 worth of hair products
*A giant bottle of ABSOLUT Vodka
*Lunch for two in Acapulco on Gerorge’s Street



We ♥ Samuel L. We ♥ men being better. It makes sense.

Click here to hear all about it

Dublin Bus Pride

We like what they’re doing.

James Gandolfini

We are very sad to hear of the passing of James Gandolfini. A terrific and hugely influential actor. His genre and generation defining performance as Tony Soprano will remain as his legacy.

The Sopranos was strangely a huge influence on us growing up and on the work we made. In fact the final scene of The Family is actually modelled on the final scene of the show.

Sean Holmes & His Secret Theatre

It’s like the time Don Draper wrote the letter to the New York Times.

Facebook is awash this morning with a speech given by Artistic Director of the Lyric Hammersmith. It’s an amazing coup of a project and we are dying to get over and see some work in London when things are all go.

“Over the coming year a company of actors, writers, dramaturgs, directors and designers will be working with the Lyric to create something special. In the spirit of secrecy we won’t be telling you the name of the shows or who is playing who. There’ll be some classics, some adaptations and some new plays. We don’t know how many shows there’ll be or how long they’ll be on for.”

If you are really interested we recommend reading his speech here. 

TALK by Tom Walsh

Tom Walsh is one of those alternative comedian theatre people. He’s smart he’s funny and reassuringly handsome too. Tall, not quite dark but definitely handsome. But look, that’s neither here nor there.

He is performing a full length version of his show TALK in The International Bar as a warm up to his run in Brighton really soon. It’s on Monday 26th at 6pm and it’s for $0.

He presented a work in progress showing as part of THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON and he had everybody in stitches and also left us all scratching our heads.

Click here for all about our Tom. 


The amazing people over at The Performance Corporation have put together a whopper few days over the August Bank Holiday Weekend in the be-be-beautiful Castletown House. It’s called the BIG HOUSE FESTIVAL Theatre, live music, visual art and all sorts of crazy happenings and loads and loads more.

Tickets are on sale from right now! We tell you this a lot but you really need to get involved.  


This is Chair. It’s a project by the excellent photographer Donal Moloney. He takes pictures of this chair in various place all over Ireland. Take a look. He has some stunning shots in amazing locations and they all feature this lovely chair that seems to have a life of his own.

Click and see for yourself!

PoP uP ShoPPing from 9 Crow Street

We have always been fans of this dynamic, fun and fab vintage store. 9 Crow Street have been operating online for the last while but you can get a chance to get your hands on Dublin’s best vintage wear on Saturday. It’s on in The Garage Bar in Temple Bar. So you can have a little scoop or some popcorn while you browse!

You can get a discount if you share their facebook event on your own timeline. Get over there!! 


Little tiny snippets of Shakespeare plays with loads of fantastic people directing and performing. all happening in the Cube at Project Arts Centre.  It’s properly good theatre but it’s also the craic! One of those “It was so fun nights.

Clickity click to get all the info.

We have elected to not make a Shakespeare joke.

RECORD on the Radio.

Record by Dylan Tighe

This was one of our most loved shows of last year.

We all caught it in Cork Midsummer Festival(on our Cork Holiday)

Dylan Tighe is simply one of the most orginal theatre makers in Ireland. You seldom get the chance to see a show as urgent, as total or as powerful as this one. Take a look here at the Drama On One Website and you can stream it or download it for yourself.

Have a listen and then go and catch Dylan live when you get a chance. 


We are here for The Family in the Town Hall Theatre this Tuesday. And you know what? We love it! That’s all.

Home Festival

This is a delish festival happening in Cork city. They are calling it an extraordinary week of week of theatre, live art, dance, music, chat and cups of tea! sounds great right.  A whole host of new work as well as some more established pieces all around the theme of home. Artists take you into their homes or spaces that they’ve acquired as their own! Cork is fast becoming the go-to city for work like this. Performance in peculiar places is so hot in Cork right now.

If you’re in that neck of the woods click here to see what you get your hands on!  


Our pal Lynnette Moran has pulled together a stunning mini festival of Live Art, Performance and other events taking place in unusual spots. The festival is based in Project Arts Centre but weaves its way around the surrounding city.

Highlight so far was The Best Of Scottee (pictured). Also everyone is raving about Walking:Holding by Rosanna Cade. 

It’s such a good opportunity to see work that isn’t normally seen on Dublin stages. ROFLALA (Rolling On The Floor Looking At Live Art)

The Delicious Food Co.

We adore the food that The Delicious Food Co.  make. It’s sandwiches, salads, finger food whatever! It’s always healthy and presented beautifully and most importantly it’s exactly as they say, it’s DELICIOUS.

he Delicious Food Co. jumped on board of our recent project THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON: Vol 3  and fed the entire crew lunch for two weeks. It made the whole festival so much easier when everyone had proper healthy tasty food in their bellies.

They cater for all sizes of groups and you can pick up some salads or sambo in Spar on George’s Street in Dub City Centre. skip the deli counter and head straight to the fridge.

Read the blog here it’s totes hilarious!

Trust us. Click on their name up there o get in touch! Or get em on twitter @DeliciousNews


We first came across DEPAUL when we worked on a project called He’s My Bother I love Him as part of their Electric Picnic Based Project “Life’s No Picnic On The Streets”

Depaul Ireland provides accommodation and key services to people who many others struggle to work with street drinkers, women in prison, families who others have given up on, those with behavioural, self-harm and addiction problems.

They are an organisation with incredible ambition, steadfastness and proven results. Keep an eye on our Facebook in the coming weeks when we’ll be telling you details of a new project that we’re collaborating on.

LOLcat on Twittr

You can change the language to LOLcat.

Just for the laugh. Sorry if we are late to the party.

The boys in Production at Project arts Centre

We don’t say it enough. But we love these men. Who knows how they manage to keep their patience with us. We ask them for loans of things. We ask them for help. We ask them for advice. We ask them for bits of their souls. They give it all and never complain.



We’re not big clubbers anymore. In the regular clubbing sense. But sometimes things whet our appetite. We have known the crafty queer minds behind Orange for  since we were mere teens. Get yourself down for some Orange flavoured craic. Here’s how they talk about themselves.


In a small city of craic makers and queer havers, Orange is for our inevitable rubbing together. Music more for manoeuvre than mime, dark and dirty, to resonate with your discerning ambiguity and get you physical, whatever your bent.
Pussy power, randy knackers, alter egos, boobs, balls & bowsies. Dress codes are oppressive so if your into that bring your own.

Find them on facebook by clicking this blue sentence.

Death of The Tradesmen

by Talking Shop Ensemble and Shaun Dunne

We really like this show which is back this week in The Lir. It was on in Dublin Fringe Festival 2012 and it won Fishamble New Writing Award and The inaugural Lir Revival Award. (It has silverware)

It’s written by Shaun Dunne who is our long term colleague and performed by him and Lauren Larkin who is in nearly all of our shows and was nominated for Best Female Performer at ABSOLUT Fringe 2011 for Twenty Ten.

The story of Willy, a 54 yr old tradesman who’s feeling the effects of the economic downturn to the stage. Drawing on real life and real relationships, this theatre piece reflects how unemployment and lack of hope can result in shifting roles within the family unit with changing attitudes and the consequences that this brings. Dunne and fellow actor Lauren Larkin perform an emotional, honest and straightforward portrayal of crumbling self respect, humour in the face of adversity and finding hope in desperate situations.

Go and just love it like we do. Everyone does.

Get your Tickets Here! 

Dublin City Council Beta Projects

Art in the city!

You have probably noticed an awful lot of these projects around the place if you’re a Dublin dweller. There are some really great projects set up around the with loads of different aims. We love the idea of the city being a blank canvas. Art everywhere.

Check them out at this link. 

National Association of Youth Drama

NAYD is the national development organisation for youth theatre. Not only to they provide untold support for new and existing youth theatres, but they deliver a jam packed programme for the young people of Ireland. They have commissioned new plays written especially for young people; they take a load of young people from around Ireland to see work and learn about critiquing; they hold festivals with a huge range of theatre learning on offer and sometimes they even sleep in tents! They stage a show in the Peacock each summer with a director on top of their game and audition youth theatre members from all over Ireland. The impact of NAYD on the Irish theatre scene is enormous and the impact they have on young people is even greater. We <3 NAYD xoxoxox

Vote for them here at this competition to help them to continue this work. It really does take a second. Not like when people say that and then it takes ages. it actually takes about a second. 

Lauren White Goes On A Date

So we have met with Lauren White. We liked her a lot. Think Bryony Kimmings or Victoria Melody but American. In Ireland.  She is looking for a date for ABSOLUT Fringe. She needs help. She is looking for someone to go on a date with her. And she is looking for a gang of people to join her in the theatre to help her get ready for her date. Every day after her show she will be going on a real date with a real boy/man. You get to decide for her what type of date it’s going to be, whether or not she gets some dutch courage beforehand and even if she brings along protection

Take a look at this show and get yourself a ticket… or a girlfriend…. 

Dublin Says Hello

You know by know that we are kind of in love with Dublin City. Being native urbanites we are always influenced by the experiences we have in this town.  We adore when people do things to make the city better and ultimately more liveable. This is definitely one of those. Say hello for God’s sake!

Check out Dublin Says Hello on Facebook

This American Life

If you don’t know about this already then we strongly recommend that you take a look at this site. It’s a weekly radio show that has a different theme each week. You can download it as a podcast and hear a few different stories on the theme. It sounds so very simple but it is so very good. Our favourite was where a man tapped his son’s phone and found out that he and his high school friends had been taking and dealing loads of drugs. Look, it was very good. Get over there and you will get hooked! 

This Is Sand

We haven’t got much to say about this one. But it’s very good. Go to this website. Enjoy it. BEWARE- It will waste your time.

Shoot To Kill

Way back when we were in Dublin Youth Theatre we worked with a filmmaker called Kilian Waters. We thought he was sh!t cool and Über talented. We were right. Kilian is now one of the leading film based artists working in theatre today. He does everything from live recording to shooting mini promotional clips for shows. His client list is a staggering line up of performance makers and visual artists as well as arts agencies and organisations like ABSOLUT Fringe, Bealtaine and Create.

It doesn’t matter if he’s wielding his camera in the corporate world or holding it in front of high art his work is always individual, super stylish and delicately artful. We are delighted to have had the chance to work with him on Twenty Ten and most recently on a very ambitious promotional project for Hungry Tender. He is our go to guy. When ever we have video needs we always Shoot To Kill. Have a look at his site here. The video section is full of loads of lovely viewing treats! 

The Company

We premiered in ABSOLUT Fringe in 2009 and were flanked by our theatre friends The Company. Originally a gang of trained actors from Trinity they are now a gang of amazing theatre makers. They make shows that are always sexy, very smart and crazily complicated but the beauty is that they always manage to make them accessible to everyone. That’s talent. They have had huge success winning both Spirit Of The Fringe in 2009 and Best Production at ABSOLUT Fringe 2010. ALSO they have toured their work to places like Portugal and Los Angeles. Pretty cool indeed.

Check out their new shows this year. At Fringe they are giving us Hipsters we met and liked. Think about hipsters. posing in photgraphs. In a theatre.  Then at Dublin Theatre Festival we will be treated to the long awaited Politik where they are taking on figuring out all about the world we live in and start thinking about the world me might be able to have.

You can find them at their website above or check em out here on Facebook. 


For the past five years THISISPOPBABY have been ripping apart the boundaries between stunning theatre, wild nights out, queer culture and whatever the hell they like. These guys are a theatre and events production company that always inspire us. We can’t decide of they are are heroes or if we just have a major collective crush on them! With award winning plays and slamming events like WERK at The Abbey Theatre and their own tent for three years at Electric Picnic they really do have the golden touch, rolling in success with whatever they do and touching thousands along the way.

They are famous this year for Alice In Funderland an The Abbey Theatre but we are crazy excited for their new show Elevator as part of ABSOLUT Fringe this September. Expect sexy, scary, sordid and a seriously great night in the theatre. They have one of the most talented, (and hottest) teams around them this year. Can. Not. Wait. Very excited to share the green room with them in Project Arts Centre!


Amazing things keep popping up in lovely Dublin. One of our favourites is Trailblaze.  We were delighted to be a part of a recent event and it was brilliant. We love the attitude that these guys have. If any of you managed to catch any of the “Kitchen Table Chats” after The Family in Project arts Centre you’ll know that we are really interested in the acts of hope that are happening in Dublin from time to time. Trailblaze is absolutely one of these.

Trailblaze is a dynamic platform showcasing and promoting creative and socially engaged ideas, people and possibilities alive in Ireland right now.

What they do

We design pop – up spoken word events, live performances and interventions that connect a diverse range of participants, all blazing a trail in their own spectacular or intimate way. We invite people to share their personal moments of risk and inspiration and showcase some of Ireland’s pioneers in art, music and film.

Why they do it

We need a population that is willing to rock the boat, stand up and be non-compliant with the status quo. Trailblaze presents what is possible when individuals stop asking for permission and step into making their own dreams and ambitions a reality. We are inspired by the collective and collaborative potential of a community of we.

Find them on Facebook or email them


Dublin Fringe Festival


Or as we call it, FRINGLE. THEATREclub premiered at the Fringe in 2009, and since then we have been inspired and supported by this amazing organisation in hundreds of ways on a daily basis. It’s the best two weeks of the artistic calendar!

Dublin Youth Theatre

Dublin Youth Theatre is an amazing world of exploring theatre for young people from all over Dublin aged 14 to 22. All three of THEATREclub were members there for years and it shaped who we are today! It’s brilliant.

Project Arts Centre

Project Arts Centre is the big blue building in Temple Bar. It’s where we like to call home. We are part of PROJECT CATALYST which is an initiative where we are among a group of artists that are supported year round by the people of Project. We are supported with everything from budgets and payroll, borrowing of projectors and even supportive “you can do it” style motivation. Click on the link to their website to see what’s coming up! Also if you’re not in the mood for a show check out what’s on in the always amazing gallery!