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Sep 23

THEATREclub have left the building!

by Shane

Well that was another one. Since 2009 we have presented seven new shows at ABSOLUT Fringe. (actually technically it’s 13 if you count all the Twenty Tens as separate shows). Three years and four festivals later it feels like a million years ago. We have done a lot of our growing up professionally and personally at this festival. We love it.

Dublin Fringe Festival belongs on the calendar and it belongs to the city. There are so many new companies making great work. Without fringe hardly any of this work would be made and a lot of these new companies might not exist. (us included!) It’s all grown up now and it’s 18. We’re grateful for our invite to the party and to have been part of the massive gust it’s taken to blow out those massive candles.

Hungry Tender has been a helluvah trip and what a lovely bonus at the end to be nominated for Best Design at the ABSOLUT Fringe Awards. We’re so proud of our boy Ciarán O’ Melia.