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Jan 19

THEATREclub are delirah & excirah to announce…WORKSHOPS!

by Shane

We told you we would do it but we have actually managed to set a date for our rescheduled summer workshops! We are offering a 3-day workshop for actors to coincide with our new show THE FAMILY.

This workshop will explore our unique method of performance making, focusing on the space between fiction and reality.

Over three days, we will explore the various elements of creating work in the style we have developed throughout our productions, working only with what you bring and learning to trust how interesting that is.

Some of the work will include, looking at our unique style of improvisation, working with a game structure and allowing to trust the freedom to explore. Working this way adds to the actors process as relationships begin to develop within a group of actors that are grounded in trust and security, the building blocks of ensemble building. The workshops will be led by THEATREclub’s own Grace Dyas and Shane Byrne (cast member of THE FAMILY) and will be joined each day by a different memeber of the cast of THE FAMILY.

So… in short…

Come and hang around with us!

Venue: Project Arts Centre

Date: Monday 23rd January – Wednesday 25th January

Time: 11am – 4pm daily

Cost: €80


If interested, please email THEATREclub. The subject line should be “How we made THE FAMILY” and simply tell us why you would like to take part in the workshop. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about the workshop.

The deadline for applications is Thursday January 19th.