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It's 6:54, we're forty-eight minutes in, it's Summer and it's Friday.

The Family is a show about your family. This family is made of CARDBOARD and FAKE GRASS. This family are in a show about being a family and they have neighbours who borrow their stuff too often.

The Family fight. love and try to make dinner. The Family cry and stare as funds get thinner. But The Family love each other. Cos, after all you can choose your friends…

THEATREclub are tearing up ‘An Teachlaigh’,  taking a fresh look at the contemporary and the traditional Irish Family.

What people think

“The Family is about your family and, judging by the knowing guffaws and elbow nudging that ripples like a Mexican wave through the audience, THEATREclub have hit the nail on the head in their representation” – ****

‎”At this time of societal questioning and re-evaluation that seems laden with significance, THEATREclub are breaking down those fundamentals in the hope we might build them back up again.” – The Irish Times

Watch some video

There is video of the full performance online, just email us if you would like to see it.

Here are some post shows recorded after the Premiere in Project Arts Centre


Cast & Crew

    • Grace Dyas - Director
    • Doireann Coady- Designer
    • Shane Byrne
    • Lauren Larkin
    • Louise Lewis
    • Gerard Kelly
    • Barry O'Connor
    • Gemma Collins - As Gem Gems
    • Brian Bennett - As The Neighbour (Versions 1 & 2)
    • Natalie Radmall-Quirke - As The New Neighbour (Version 3)
    • Nyree Yergainharsian - As Mrs Yergainharsian (Version 4 onward)
    • Lighting Design- Eoin Winning
    • Costume Design - Emma Fraser
    • Production Manger - Helen Collins
    • Stage Manager - Tom Mullan
“T h e F a m i l y f i g h t . , l o v e a n d t r y to make dinner. The Family cry and stare as funds get thinner.”