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Jul 7

The Ireland Trilogy- Announcement

by Shane

We are beyond delighted to announce that The Ireland Trilogy will be on the Peacock Stage in the Abbey Theatre in November

The Ireland Trilogy is a theatre event comprising of three pieces of performance made by THEATREclub since 2010. They were created as a trilogy, and now, for the first time at The Abbey Theatre, audiences will be able to witness them.

These three works, together, tell the story of our nation. They trace an unwritten narrative of Ireland, one that looks at the recent past through the lens of equality. How have we fared at ‘treating all the children of the nation equally’?

In Part One, we zoom in on The Family (2011) we look at the first society, the home, the kitchen table.  Roles are reversed and the dinner never goes according to plan in this 70 minute polemic of the Irish Family unit.

Pan out to the city, to the neglected spaces and places, to where you go when you leave the home. Part Two, HEROIN (2010) is the story you were never told about the new republic, it’s the big one, the bad one, the one you never thought you’d try…  It’s the social history of heroin in Ireland over the last 55 years. It’s about value, how we value each other, flats and feeling loved.

Zoom Out, it’s the aerial shot – HISTORY (2013) is the story of our nation.

St Michael’s Estate – a place where people lived,  is playing the part of Ireland. This area had four failed regeneration plans in fifteen years. People were treated disgracefully. But they fought back. Lauren Larkin is playing the part of Ireland. This is the history they won’t commemorate.  This is her story.

Dates- 19th -26th November 2016
For booking information click here and visit the Abbey Theatre 

For the past six years we have been working towards staging these works together. We want to to sit in a room as strangers, as citizens and we want to let you see it all, so we can know what we need to do next.
For this production, with the support of The Abbey Theatre, THEATREclub will ‘Design The Audience’ we will be ensuring that our audience is diverse group of people for whom the work is relevant. Expect to sit next to someone new.

The Ireland Trilogy is project managed by Sandra Adams, production co-ordinated by Emma O’Grady with coaching and support from Mari Kennedy.