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I saw The Game and I would like to discuss it

Hello Audience, Usually in THEATREclub, we would run a post show discussion after a show. Conversation is what our work is all about; for example we host a discussion after each and every performance of HEROIN. With The Game this was a tricky space to navigate. As the material can be so affecting, we were concerned that it may be triggering, and so opening up a public space to discuss it might not be safe. We also found that audiences experience shock after seeing the show, and that also presented a risk in terms of running a ‘post show’ discussion. And then there’s time. We in THEATREclub start working on The Game each night about four hours before an audience come in, and then we continue working on it for two hours after the audience leave. This is is to facilitate the psychological safety of the male volunteers. In October 2015, I started to talk to Hilary Cotter, an audience member who came to see ‘The Game’ in Dublin Theatre Festival. She felt the need for a forum for discussion. Together, we devised this forum as a solution.


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Here’s Hilary;“I went to see The Game because I thought it would be interesting to get a glimpse into a world that I knew nothing about. I thought it would be a challenging subject matter and would provide food for thought. But what I didn’t count on was how much of an effect it would have on me emotionally as well as intellectually. I went to the play alone and I left it feeling shocked and disturbed and desperately wanting to discuss it with someone else who’d been there and find out if they’d thought and felt the same way I had.I contacted THEATREclub and suggested that it would be a good idea to give the audience a forum so they could discuss the issues/feelings that the performance provoked. I think this is a show that actively engages the audience and seeks a strong reaction from them but up until now it didn’t give the audience a way to have their reaction heard. There are lots of questions asked of the audience in the show but there was previously no way for the audience to voice their answers or frustration at lack of answers. With the addition of this online forum, this show is now a two way conversation between artists and audience members.” 


Like everything in THEATREclub – There are rules. Here are the rules;

  • Please respect each other
  • We welcome dissent
  • We created the show to try to honour different experiences, please honour each other’s experience
  • If you would like a direct response from us, please name that desire in your post
  • We will moderate with brevity
  • Everyone is free to suggest more rules as we go along!
  • This is a new venture for THEATREclub, we reserve the right to remove or amend this forum as we see fit.