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Oct 22


by Shane

Hello Everyone. We are back. After two storming successes with THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON and THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON: Vol II we are teaming up with Project Arts Centre to bring you:

– A revolution is a change of mind –
January 6th – 20th at Project Cube

The festival takes its title from a record called ‘THE ROCK MACHINE TURNS YOU ON’ where artists worked together to produce a LP with one song each on it. This all happened in 1968, the year of worldwide revolution.

Inspired by collaboration, co-operation and revolution, there’s gonna be a shake up in this years MACHINE.

We’re changing things. We’ve done it twice and now we need to make it new. So this year we won’t be making any shows. It’s all about you. We’re giving you everything we have to make great art.

 We’re making this happen because

  •  We want to provide a platform for artists to make work We want to develop connections between artists who can support each other artistically and practically after the festival and to make those connections ourselves (we want new friends!)
  • We want to remove all the barriers between artists and making work; the things that sometimes make it hard to start, because we know what that’s like.
  • We want to share what we have learned so far the practicalities of producing theatre (and a little bit about art)
  • We want to produce 15+ new theatre pieces and sell every single ticket.

We’re looking for applications which are

  •  Work of a contemporary sensibility
  • New work- so sorry no adaptations of pre existing texts. You could adapt a novel?
  • Ambitious. We think we can make most things happen.


  • Practical. (some things cost money none of us have)

How it works

  • There are four different strands
  • DEMO TAPE – 6pm- 30mins work in progress, low fi, beginnings, trial runs, a demo tape of YOU.
  • NEW RELEASES – 7pm- 45mins  Full productions. For artists who have never been in Project Arts Centre before, with an emphasis on work from around Ireland.
  • LPs – 8pm – 60mins – Full productions of a new work by a new artist.
  • EPs or Late Night Fun- 45 mins – Established artists who are trying something new. A dancer saying words or a writer acting or an actor writing or a director dancing.


A place in the festival gets you

  • A chance to present your work in a technically outstanding venue with a huge public profile
  • A chance to develop relationships with other artists
  • A chance to have your work seen by the theatre community at large
  • A chance to develop an audience for your work and critical attention
  • A lot of chances to engage in free things with other artists *2011 featured ice cream and vodka & hilarious emails from our team
  • A programme of “COP ON” workshops on every aspect of theatre producing led by industry professionals
  • A peer support network
  • A free key ring
  • A critical mass
  • Rehearsal space
  • Technical support with access to *a shared team of designers, *a shared production manager, *a shared stage manager
  • Festival marketing, a whole team of people helping you sell your show
  • And the opportunity to learn about all of the above…
  • We will also pair artists with suitable mentors who have been successful in making the style of work that is the artist’s ambition; if the artists needs this kind of support.
  • Basically, depending on what you need we will do it for you, except the art bit, you have to do that yourself.

P.S. We have no key rings.

Now listen, don’t worry about these things

  • You don’t have to be young or emerging or any of that OK seriously we hate all that
  • The work doesn’t have to be about a revolution- the festival is more the revolution geddit? You just make the art you wanna make and we will help you
  • Not having any money– we will sort that out- you should probably look after feeding yourself and having a roof over your head though, art wise leave it to us
  • Not knowing a lighting rig from a seating bank– again that’s where we come in. (we’ll give you great interest rate at the seating bank)
  • Remember contemporary doesn’t mean experimental.  (we aren’t just into mad shit you know, and anyway its not really about what we’re into- its about you) but the work should speak to us about now.

You can apply by clicking on this sentence. 

The deadline is Thursday November 8th at a quarter past six please. Cheers.

If you have any questions about any of this you can email us at