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Is there as much talent in Moyross as there is under the Hollywood sign? Moyross is famous. Moyross is a brand. Who made it that way?

Today in Moyross, a group of kids built a fort. It’s not known the exact outcomes but sources at the scene say it’s a grand oul fort indeed. If you’ve never been to Moyross, but only read about it in the papers, you would have a very different idea of what kind of place it is. We want to bring you there, to the real Moyross.

MOYROSS will show you the difference between the people’s lives and the headlines.

The show is being put together and provoked by award winning social justice performance collective THEATREclub. Featuring a massive community cast of the very young and the old, this is a night at the theatre you won’t forget in a hurry.

What happened?

MOYROSS was a collaboration between a THEATREclub and an entire community collaborated to create a show as part of Limerick City Of Culture. The final result saw 70 people from the ages of 7 weeks to 80 years to tell their story. The true experience of lives lived in a much maligned pocket of Ireland. The show was staged in the Lime Tree Theatre and was an extravaganza. The residents of Moyross performed original rap songs, line danced, made films, talked about horses, staged their own comedy skits, spoke of successes in the soccer, and sang in a choir.

It was impossible to imagine the outcome. This collaboration staged a show that was simultaneously a warm night of entertainment for all the family while also managing to be a bold political protest piece criticising class, capitalism and neoliberal society.

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Cast & Crew

“This is our side of the story; our right of reply. We're taking to the stage, we're going to own it”