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Feb 23

**Rescheduled** Workshop Opportunity- Doing More Than One Thing At The Same Time

by Shane

This May – THEATREclub will host a week of workshops at FRINGE Lab.

The workshops will focus on performance techniques, devising and a holistic approach to living to as an artist. This is a week of on your feet style exercises combined with rigorous discussion and attention to detail in every aspect of making.

The theme we will be exploring for the week is the idea of doing more than one thing at the same time. Often actors’ intentions need to be very different from ‘characters’’ intentions. Often what the audience are seeing is very different to what the actor is ‘doing’. As artists we have to do a number of different things at the same time. We have to eat. We have to work. How do we strike a nice balance?

The week will be about balance, authenticity in performance and practice, creating new work, working in a new way and working when you’re not working.

Also… It will be loads of fun.

Come and Join Us.

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“Workshops will take place in may (25-29) in Fringe Lab- The cost is €100”