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In 1968, the year of a worldwide revolution, a record called ‘THE ROCK MACHINE TURNS YOU ON’ was released. Artists worked together to produce an LP of different sounds and styles that galvanised a whole generation of music fans.

In 2013, the first centenary of Ireland’s rebellious past, inspired by collaboration, co-operation and revolution, THEATREclub will produce 24 new theatre pieces in a mini revolution at Project Arts Centre…

THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON: Vol. 3 – “A revolution is a change of mind..”

For two weeks, THEATREclub will transform Project Arts Centre into our revolutionary HQ for the mind and soul. With four shows a night, talks and parties, there’s no excuse to switch off. Come and get turned on.

Cast & Crew

  • Curated and Produced by 
    • THEATREclub
    Artists/Companies who  presented work
    • Neil Douglas
    • Gerard Kelly
    • Hugh Travers
    • Aisling Murray & Angie Butler
    • Stefanie Preissner/José Miguel Jimenez/ Mark Canton
    • Barry Casey
    • Noelle Brown
    • Martin Sharry
    • Sheer Tantrum
    • Dead Centre
    • The Bitchuationist
    • She's Got Wind
    • Stephen and Gemma/ Dylan Coburn Gray
    • Edwina Casey
    • Meadhbh Haicéid
    • Sorcha Kenny
    • Louise Lewis & Simon Manahan
    • Lynnette Moran
    • Veronica Dyas
    • Fiona Sheil
    Guest Musical Performance
    • Lisa O' Neill