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‘It’s not an easy thing to take up a gun and go out and kill  some person without strong convictions or justification’ – IRA Green Book

“’t is, an’ it isn’t; it’s both bad an’ good…’ – Mrs. Gogan

Nora Clitheroe lives in a tenement house with other ordinary people. Their lives are about to be rocked by the Rising. THEATREclub’s production of Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the StarsIt’s Not Over – will bring back rioting like it’s 1926.

‘It will take place in a theatre, but it is not a play. It is a campaign. You will watch a re-enactment of the past 50 years of violent political conflict. We are working with former IRA Volunteers. It’s four and a half hours long. There’ll be a bar and a live band, maybe bingo.’

In a year of revisionism, whitewashing, apologies and double speak; We refuse to commemorate 1916. It’s not over. It never started. Let’s look at 1966.

Warning: Do not talk about it.
Directors Grace Dyas and Barry O’ Connor were nominated for Best Directors at Irish Times Theatre Awards 2017. 

Cast & Crew

    • Written, Directed and Designed by Grace Dyas & Barry O’Connor
    • Costume Design Emma Fraser
    • Lighting Design Eoin Winning
    • Pyrotechnics Design Sé Purcell (Black Powder Monkeys)
    • Produced by Project Arts Centre
    • Project Manager Sandra Adams & Joanna Crawley
    • Cast Includes
    • Jason Byrne
    • Doireann Coady
    • Neili Conroy
    • John Cronin
    • Stefan Dunbar
    • Rebecca Guinnane
    • Neil Keery
    • Finn Kennedy
    • James O' Driscoll
    • Pat McGrath
    • Ruairi O' Donovan