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Oct 7

It’s about to kick off

by Shane

Well here we are…

… on this continuing busy train that is the second half of 2016.
Tomorrow, Doireann Coady will be presenting a work in progress showing of her new work I’m Not Here. Doireann has been working with musicians Cian Murphy and Ross Turner. The showing will take place in Project Arts Centre at 1200 on Saturday 8th October as part of the In Development strand in Dublin Theatre Festival’s Festival+.

Check out Cian and Ross’s Music here. They’re called I Am The Cosmos 


We are just about ready to premiere a brand new work It’s Not Over. The show will run from Tuesday 11th in the Samuel Beckett Theatre. Tickets available here.

‘It will take place in a theatre, but it is not a play. It is a campaign. You will watch a re-enactment of the past 50 years of violent political conflict. We are working with former IRA Volunteers. It’s four and a half hours long. There’ll be a bar and a live band, maybe bingo.’
In a year of revisionism, whitewashing, apologies and double speak; We refuse to commemorate 1916. It’s not over. It never started. Let’s look at 1966.