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This is the attempt at a subheading

I’m Not Here 

Doireann is here and she wants to check if a few things are working.
She’s going to be doing a couple of songs, a couple of poems and maybe a few stories.
She’s after finding a load of tapes.
She’s going to be doing a duet with her brother.
He’s not here. She’s here. You’re here.
Thanks very much for being here.
If you’re concerned about anything that’s happening on the stage just remember to listen to the sound of her voice.
She’s doing a duet with her brother.

He’s not here.

He is dead.

Doireann Coady in her new show debuts as author as she sets off to stage an unstageable, impossible and beautiful act.

 Funded through an Arts Council Theatre Project Award.

Cast & Crew

    • Written, Directed and Designed by Doireann Coady
    • Composed by Rob Moloney
    • Dramaturg: Gary Keegan
    • Associate Artist: Grace Dyas
    • Lighting Design: Eoin Winning
    • Associate  Costume and Set Designer: Sarah Foley
    • Choreographer: Ruairi O’Donovan
    • Therapeutic Facilitator: Mari Kennedy