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Dec 11

Not At Home- LONDON

by Shane

NOT AT HOME – Winner of ‘Best Production Award’ at Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 – comes to London this December hosted by the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign.

***Suggested donation £5. Drop in any time during opening hours.***

SATURDAY 16th Dec. 3pm – 10pm
SUNDAY 17th Dec. 12pm – 8pm

Created by Grace Dyas (THEATREclub) and Emma Fraser (Nine Crows) this project will feature video, sound installation and live performance to recount the journeys of Irish women who have travelled from Ireland to Britain to access abortion services over a 2-day run at Platform, Southwark.
★★★★★ – The Irish Times “(…) It’s a performance, an exhibition, and a place for women’s stories to be told. It’s not a space for debate, or sides, or arguments – it is injecting the voices of women’s experiences where they have been so often left out, and the result is powerful and deeply affecting. You can contend with the space how you see fit. Look, or look away, but it’s hard to avoid being immersed. Hearing the women’s stories aloud and unabridged is overwhelming, and you can’t help but contemplate how Ireland has abandoned the 163,500-plus women who have traveled since 1980. It’s a calm, reflective space for people to make up their own minds, but one that definitely packs a political punch”.

In 2013, she travelled to have an abortion. Afterwards, she needed to talk to women who had made this journey. She asked them to share their stories. In the waiting room, they all felt alone. They were not at home. Now, THEATREclub and NINE CROWS, hosted by the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, are asking you to come and hear their story in NOT AT HOME; an installation, a performance, a witnessing space – a waiting room. There will be no arguments, no shouting, no stopwatch to ensure balance. This is neither a sermon to the converted nor an attempt to change anyone’s mind – it is a calm place for the undecided, for those who have made up their minds and for those who need some space to think.

This production is kindly funded by X Minus Y. Link.