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It is a commonplace assumption among what we call "opinion formers" that there are no heroes in the world anymore. We are all, we are told, limited and limiting. There is no one with a vision, no one with courage, no one with commitment or a heart that never gives in.

H  ISTORY is a story about a place. A fourteen acre site in Inchicore called St. Michael’s Estate, and a history that spans the housing of imprisoned 1916 revolutionaries to the building of Ireland’s first social housing in the 1960s.The housing estate and the people who lived there have battled drugs, recession and social exclusion. Yet St. Michael’s has become a hub of activism that is world-renowned for its community development and creative protest. Promised regeneration 4 times in 15 years, the former residents of the old St. Michael’s Estate are still waiting for the homes they’ve been promised.

By telling the unwritten stories of this land, THEATREclub are going to bring you through the last 100 years of our countries social history, so we, the people, can think about what we want to happen next. We want you to know what happened here. We want you to remember.HISTORY is a story about Ireland’s future. Will you walk with us?

HISTORY is the third and final instalment in THEATREclub’s trilogy of work about the social history of Ireland that began with HEROIN (2010) and THE FAMILY(2012).

Trailer for the Premiere


Cast & Crew

    • Louise Lewis
    • Barry O'Connor
    • Gerard Kelly
    • Shane Byrne
    • Lauren Larkin as Mother Ireland
    • Writer/Director- Grace Dyas
    • Art Director - Doireann Coady
    • Costume Design - Emma Fraser
    • Lighting Design - Eoin Winning
    • Composers - Gerard Kelly/Sean Millar/Barry O' Connor,
    • Filmmaker- Joe Lee
    • Historian- Cormac Ó Comhraí
    • Production Manager - Adam Fitzsimons
    • Stage Manager - Tom Mullan
    • Assistant Stage Manager- Nikki Moans
    Community Partners
    • St. Michael's Family Resource Centre
    • Kavanagh House
    • St. Michael's Estate Regeneration Board
    • St. Michael's Parish Youth Project
    • Common Ground
“A Public Art Commission from Dublin city Council Arts Office”