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Shane’s a bit fucked up. He wants us all to go to his gaff, where he’s holding an inquest into his life.

With the bravado of his father and the softness of his mother, he will tell you things he doesn’t want you to know. Some say he’s comedy gold. Other’s think he’s self-indulgent. Why don’t you decide?

If you’re lucky, he might even invite you to his 21st!

Devised by Shane Byrne and Grace Dyas and performed by Shane Byrne; a one man show in the performers own kitchen about how hard it can be for young men to talk about their feelings. The show was Nominated for the ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ award 2009 and toured to Kilkenny Arts Festival in August 2010.


what people thought

“Shane wrestles with his various demons many of which anyone else in their 20’s and indeed beyond will identify with. Despite his problems he is bright, ambitious, funny, charismatic, has a wonderful way with words and a very simple but poignant motivation for
conducting these therapy sessions.”-

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Cast & Crew

“Nominated for Spirit of The Fringe City Arts Centre & Kilkenny Arts Festival 2010”