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Nov 2


by Shane

So here are some of the answers to the questions people have been asking!

1) If I apply for one strand and you don’t think it’s suitable will I be out of the running?
No. If we want your show in the festival then we will contact you and suggest putting it in the strand we reckon works best for you.

2) I have an idea for a show but it’s like… I mean it’s barely an idea at all… Like… Is that ok?
Yes. There is space for all levels of ideas.  So be as “scratch” as you like.

3) I have no idea what this is. What’s a theatre? Can I have a show in it?
No. You probably should gets some more experience.

4) I haven’t got a cast or director or design or any confidence whatsoever. Am I still eligible?
Of course you are. We can help with all of these things. And be confident. You can do it.

5) I already have a lighting/stage designer on board. Should I get rid of them?
No. If you have a designer that you like to work with then they can work with the festival designer to make it all beautiful.

6) My show was already on. Can I put it on in the festival too?
Sadly no. The festival is new work from new artists. If you have staged your piece in full production we won’t be able to programme it. If you have staged a reading/work in progress then you’re more than welcome.

7) I have ideas for three shows. Will I write them all in one application?
It’s very unlikely that we will programme more than one of your pieces. Ideally, you would pick the one you think would work best within the context and apply with that. If you can’t decide then email us and we can give you a call to chat about it.

8 ) You guys said that I can’t adapt an existing text. My piece is based around one but it’s not an adaptation.
Grey area. email us!