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A new work for premiere in 2018

Tina and Bernadette, are digging a hole in the ground.

They dig everyday, methodically, looking for what has been hidden from them.

They are Magdalene Ghosts. They heard about Tuam on the radio. One of them is digging to find her baby’s bones, the other is digging to expose the truth. Should they keep digging? Or is it better to leave the truth under the ground, where it belongs?

After all, people who dig to find out what’s buried aren’t treated very well in this country, risking legal action, and the ruination of their good name. So why keep going?

This is a powerhouse new play by Grace Dyas about class, value and work with support from Dublin Honours Magdalene’s, Jobstown Not Guilty and Senator Lynn Ruane.

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Funded through an Arts Council Theatre Project Award | Presented by THEATREclub in association with the Civic Theatre. 

Funded through an Arts Council Theatre Project Award. Developed originally as part of The Tree Line Project, an arts initiative by Mary Cremin and Oonagh Young and it was one of the seven successful projects of the Arts Council Open Call 2016 for its new 10-year strategy: Making Great Art Work. Full information on The Tree Line Project can be found here. 

Cast & Crew

  • Written by 
    • Grace Dyas
    Directed by 
    • Barry O' Connor
    Performed by 
    • Doireann Coady
    • Grace Dyas
    • Barry O' Connor
    • Barry O' Connor
    • Eoin Winning
    Stage Manager 
    • Barry O' Donovan
    Production Manager
    • Seán Dennehy
    • Dorje De Burgh