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A Public Conversation Event about Addiction by THEATREclub & DePaul Ireland

We still need to talk about it.

In Ireland, we have an addiction problem. We can’t argue with that. Have we ever talked about it?

Do we ever talk about anything here?

It’s a hard thing to talk about, we’re learning that. We need your help.

We want to have a conversation, infused with ART, about addiction where everyone can hear each other. We want to be able to sit in a room together. Can we?

ADDICTION is festival about addiction, inspired by the people we met in Depaul Ireland hostels, to discuss addiction in Ireland today. It’s a three day investigation. There will be people talking about addiction, people who have lived it and some who haven’t. There will be film, there will be live performance and the bar will be open. It will be different than before, because it has to be.

ADDICTION  Takes place in Project Arts Centre from 26th to 29th of March 2014. We’ll keep you posted as to the full listing of events very soon! 

Cast & Crew

  • Curated and Produced by 
    • Gemma Collins
    • Grace Dyas
    Commissioned Artists
    • Shane Byrne
    • Gerard Kelly
    • Lauren Larkin
    • Louise Lewis