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THEATREclub are Shane Daniel Byrne, Doireann Coady, Gemma Collins, Grace Dyas, Barry O’Connor and Eoin Winning. We work together to make art about us and the people and things around us.


lowercase club

“a company helping to change the nature of Irish theatre, or at least valiantly trying to rewire it.”


We think that theatre can change the world, by starting conversations that send ripples towards social change.

Created with fun and love, and framed by manic ambition our work is visually electrifying, drenched in substance and socially engaged.

We make theatre, performance, film and large scale participation projects. We are committed to an egalitarian process of making. We collaborate with a broad spectrum of people, from everyday experts to government ministers, from musicians to visual artists.

We also offer drama workshops for any type of participant group of any age. Please do get in touch if you’d be interested in speaking to us about having a specially catered programme to suit you. Rates are negotiable and friendly.


I’m Not Here

I’m Not Here  Doireann is here and she wants to check if a few things are working. She’s going to be doing a couple of songs, a couple of poems and maybe a few stories. She’s after finding a load of tapes. She’s going to be doing a duet with her brother. He’s not here. She’s here. You’re here. Thanks very […]

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